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Writing to Save Your Life

With a new foreword, new essays and an excerpt from her upcoming memoir, the 2012 edition of Writing to Save Your Life: How To Honor Your Story is a fresh version available in ebook, mobile and printed form. Used as the basis for her writing workshops since 1998, and also a reference for studies on the effects of narrative writing on emotional and physical health, this guide to expressive writing for personal use and publication has been helping thousands of writers in four languages for a decade. Reaching the No. 5 spot on in June 2002, this classic guide to personal narrative continues to sell briskly and earn kudos from bloggers around the world.

Excerpt: “You need to call to your words, beckon them, listen for them, and offer them a safe place to arrive. If there is too much confusion and noise, the words inside you will retreat, like fish that see your wiggling feet in the splashing water and sense the bait is a trap. Writing is not passive, and it doesn’t happen without you, to you, or in spite of you. When I have done writing that is raw and honest, I am exhausted and energized at the same time, the way you feel after running or walking a mile very fast. It takes energy and concentration and a commitment to the Big Idea.”

Praise for Writing to Save Your Life:

“In Writing to Save Your Life, Michele Weldon demonstrates how journaling can be used as a path to deeper intimacy with ourselves. Writing helps us to break free from the noisy internal dialog that fills our heads and provides an outlet for our repressed emotions. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, this book will show you how to express yourself honestly and authentically.” – Debbie Ford, author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

“Writing to Save Your Life is an invitation to tell the truth. Michele Weldon rolls up her sleeves and encourages her readers to open the door, as she has, and discover the healing power of words. Written with candor, practical application and plenty of heart, this is a book for veteran and rookie alike.” – Nancy Cobb, author of In Lieu of Flowers

“To demonstrate how writing saved her own life and how you can save your life by writing about it, Weldon has included many of her own essays. Some are witty, others are raw with heartbreaking emotion–but all are treasures. Weldon is funny, talented and completely original.” – Laney Katz Becker, author of Dear Stranger, Dearest Friend