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Just Me And My Three Sons


In this fresh and honest follow up to her best-selling memoir, I Closed My Eyes, Weldon writes in the new e-memoir excerpt about raising her three sons in the absence of a ghost father. After her sons’ father’s move to Europe in 2005 and gradual to total disappearance from their lives, she is diagnosed with breast cancer. Facing new health and emotional challenges with the help of her family and friends, she struggles to keep focus on raising her teenage sons to be good men in the aftermath of parental abandonment. The death of her own mother complicates her feelings of vulnerability and fear, while she tries to maintain strength and calm, writing about her parenting failures and shortcomings with breathtaking honesty. At times funny and other times disheartening, this memoir slice uncovers the feelings every parent has about his or her ability to shape the lives of children under trying circumstances, hoping ultimately to prevail.

Just Me and My Three Sons is available for purchase for $2.99 after 8/20/2014 at for Kindle, Kindle app on the iPad, and Nook.

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