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I Closed My Eyes

With a new edition including an updated foreword and an excerpt from her new memoir, this 2012 ebook, mobile and print version of I Closed My Eyes improves on the award-winning memoir that received international critical accalim.

Publisher’s Weekly called the 1999 creative nonfiction memoir “a gripping personal story,” while Booklist wrote, “Michele Weldon is an intelligent, self-confident talented journalist… Weldon’s memoir is written better than most and carries a strong message.” Still selling strongly in seven languages, this memoir is used as a textbook in university and law school courses on writing, gender issues and criminal law.

“And before I closed my eyes, I held my breath, knowing that sanity does not hold court here. With my own eyes closed, the image of his eyes stayed before me in the darkness, like the square image of a television screen or the fading imprint of a lamp’s white-hot bulb across the inside of your eyelids when you first surrender to sleep. In my darkness, I was swimming underwater, without sound and
without weight, body-less, soul-less, lost, unable to breathe or speak or remember.”

Praise for Michele Weldon and I Closed My Eyes
“Weldon has built her career by writing –sometimes in explicit detail– about her own life… No matter what the topic she comes across as strong, funny and frank.” – Chicago magazine

“Weldon is an intelligent, self-confident, talented journalist…During a time when memoirs are the hot ticket to publication, Weldon’s is written better than most and carries a strong message.” – Booklist

“Whenever I see Weldon’s byline above a magazine or newspaper article, I know I’m in for a good read. She delivers bright, introspective pieces without being stuffy or preachy.” – Chicago Sun-Times

A “potent and painfully honest chronicle.” – Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Writing has always been her refuge. Little did she know it would become her salvation.” – Pioneer Press, Oak Park, Ill.

“…Finely honed prose (that is) uplifting and self-affirming.” – Library Journal

…Weldon “unabashedly exposes her emotions and keenly analyzes past events that add depth to her
story..” – Chicago Tribune

“…A gripping, personal story.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“I Closed My Eyes is a moving memoir of one woman’s awakening.” – Cleveland Plain-Dealer

“It is said that genuine writers, those who are born to it, don’t write because they want to, but because
they have to. So it was probably inevitable that…this book would come to be.” – Wednesday Journal, Oak Park, Ill.

“Her victim to vindication tale challenges stereotypes.” – Fargo Forum, Fargo, N.D.

“An articulate writer,…Weldon’s story is riveting… And hers is a book that needed to be written and read.” – Argus Leader, Sioux Falls, S. D.

“A remarkable story..” – News Graphic, Ozaukee, Wis.

“An award-winning journalist who wrote a book shattering an antiquated illusion…” – Pioneer Press, Evanston, Ill.