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Praise for I Closed My Eyes:

“Michele Weldon has built her career by writing– sometimes in explicit detail– about her own life…No matter what the topic, she comes across as strong, funny and frank.” — Chicago Magazine

“Michele Weldon is an intelligent, self-confident, talented journalist.” — Booklist

“Whenever I see Michele Weldon’s byline above a magzxine or newspaper article, I know I’m in for a good read. She delivers bright, introsepctive pieces wihtout being stuffy or preachy.” — Chicago Sun-Times

She has “finely-honed prose that is uplifting and self-affirming.” — Library Journal

Praise for Writing to Save Your Life:

“Michele Weldon demonstrates how journaling can be used as a path to deeper intimiacy with ourselves. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, this book will show you how to express yourself honestly and authentically.” — Debbie Ford, author

“Clear and compassionate, practical and poetic, Writing To Save Your Life is the only self-help book you’ll ever need. This book, for both men and women, is as optimistic and affirmning as any I’ev read.” — Neil Chethik, author

“Written with candor, practical application and plenty of heart, this is a book for veteran and rtookie alike.” –Nancy Cobb, author

“In Writing to Save Your Life, Michele Weldon shows us how to use writing to heal mind, body and spirit. With a compassionate sense of humor and unrelenting encouragement, she gives permission to spill out everything, from the painful to the mundane.”– Pamela Holtzman, author

Praise for Everyman News:

“A compelling read, a thoughtful examination of a brief and dynamic period of chnage in American newspapers.”  — Frederick Blevens, author

“Her book is intimate, it’s readable and it’s convincing. And it may give you hope for the future of journalism.” — Peggy Kuhr, dean, University of Montana Journalsim School

“Everyman News thoughtfully explores reader-contributed content, the changing tone and content of mainstream journalism, narrative writing, and even ‘narrative therapy’– and ends up at the frontier of communication between citizen and community.” — Frank Denton, Morris Communications