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tCo-director of TEDX NorthwesternU 2014

Here you will find a carefully curated collection of some of Michele Weldon’s ongoing work as a nonfiction author,  journalist, essayist , seminar leader and public speaker as well as select work from books, essays, keynotes, workshops, editorial consultation, opeds and more.


Column in Medium, “Is It What It is? A Crisis Year for Discerning The Truth,” December 30, 2014.

Column co-authored with Deborah Douglas in Pacific Standard Magazine, “Two Executions and The Unity of Mourning,” August 22, 2014

Essay on graduation in Medium June 27, 2014.

Mentioned in Soraya Chemaly’s column.

Read Pacific Standard Magazine on Fatherless Doom, 6/12/2014.

Read  Talking Points Memo on Jill Abramson’s firing 5/23/2014.

Read “Good Mothers Die” in Medium May 8, 2014.

Read “Your Brain on Story” in Pacific Standard 4/24/2014.

Michele Weldon was co-director of TEDXNorthwesternU 2014 April 12 in the McCormick Tribune Center Forum. Click for the 9 talks plus her intro.

Watch Medill Talks (February 27, 2014) that Weldon directed and also delivered, “Your Brain On Story.”

Read about Tiger Moms in The Guardian on January 9, 2014.


Weldon on breast cancer awareness and the prevention trap In October 2013.

Discussion on WBEZ on “A call for different voices.” September 2013.

Weldon published a piece on age and gender perceptions Sept. 4, 2013 in Quartz  with Diana Nyad as the news hook.

Her oped, “Doctors and teachers deserve more confidentiality than journalists?” ran in the August 21, 2013

Clearing the dark cloud of mistrust among journalists” was Weldon’s oped in AlJazeera English August 15, 2013.

Read her oped for CNN 7.9.2013:  “For working moms, it’s about ‘and,’ not ‘or.’”

Read her Huffington Post Father’s Day piece.  Also in HuffPo, a journalist’s thank you note.


Read her CNN  piece June 18, 2013 on Nigella Lawson and domestic abuse.

Read Father’s Day piece in New York Times.

Read about take your parents to work, or stay at home for elder care day.

Read her piece in Slate on women who are hot messes, April 5, 2013.

Read her oped in the Christian Science Monitor, ”Fallout from Olympic Wrestling Takedown,” on February 25, 2013, was reprinted in dozens of newspapers and prompted a guest spot on Wisconsin Public Radio.


Read oped on Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In and women in media in Al Jazeera on 2/25/2013.

Michele Weldon’s piece in Al Jazeera on January 9, 2013 on the Steubenville, Ohio rape was the lead oped.

Read about Adam Lanza’s mother in womensnews  in December 2012.

Read about the gender gap in Al Jazeera October 24, 2012.

Authors walk the walk. in Huffington Post October 2013. 

Read all her Huffington Post columns here.

Read Father’s Day opinion piece in Chicago Tribune, 6.11.2011

Listen to a discussion on WBEZ-Fm’s 848 regarding media bias:
Interview with Weldon about first person narrative journalism in Imagination Publishing:

Read a blog about her work as a journalist and author.

Northwestern Summer Writers Conference 2014


  • Just Me And My Three Sons

    In this fresh and honest follow up to her best-selling memoir, I Closed My Eyes, Weldon writes about raising her three sons in the absence of a ghost father. Facing new health and emotional challenges with the help of her family and friends, she struggles to keep focus on raising her teenage sons to be good men in the aftermath of parental abandonment.

  • I Closed My Eyes

    Publisher’s Weekly called the 1999 creative nonfiction memoir “a gripping personal story,” while Booklist wrote, “Michele Weldon is an intelligent, self-confident talented journalist… Weldon’s memoir is written better than most and carries a strong message.”

  • Writing to Save Your Life

    Reaching the No. 5 spot on in June 2002, this classic guide to personal narrative continues to sell briskly and earn kudos from bloggers around the world.

  • Everyman News

    The winner of the 2009 National Federation of Press Women Award for best nonfiction book, this groundbreaking work uncovers the growth of narrative and anecdotal writing in American newspapers in the first part of the 21st century.

  • Wrestling Mom

    Candidly and honestly, this site looks at the joys and difficulties of raising three athletic sons, while striving in a career and recovering from cancer.

  • Chapters

    As a contributor to several books and anthologies, Weldon has written essays about the future of journalism as well as personal explorations, all of it nonfiction work.  

  • Journalism/Editorial Consultation

    Whether adding her wry commentary as a magazine columnist, contributing essays, profiles and trend stories for newspapers and websites, or researching academic works, Weldon is a prolific nonfiction storyteller.

  • Multimedia

    This is my Moth Storytelling Debut taped in Chicgao in March 2011 with the theme of “Animals.” My piece is called, “I Lied About the Reindeer.”