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Here you will find a carefully curated collection of some of Michele Weldon’s ongoing work as a nonfiction author, multimedia journalist, blogger, essayist and public speaker as well as select work from books, essays, blogs and journalism.

  • I Closed My Eyes

    Publisher’s Weekly called the 1999 creative nonfiction memoir “a gripping personal story,” while Booklist wrote, “Michele Weldon is an intelligent, self-confident talented journalist… Weldon’s memoir is written better than most and carries a strong message.”

  • Writing to Save Your Life

    Reaching the No. 5 spot on in June 2002, this classic guide to personal narrative continues to sell briskly and earn kudos from bloggers around the world.

  • Everyman News

    The winner of the 2009 National Federation of Press Women Award for best nonfiction book, this groundbreaking work uncovers the growth of narrative and anecdotal writing in American newspapers in the first part of the 21st century.

  • Wrestling Mom

    Candidly and honestly, this site looks at the joys and difficulties of raising three athletic sons, while striving in a career and recovering from cancer.

  • Everywoman News

    Writing about everything from coverage of news to violent video games victimizing women to the trends in newsrooms internationally, this site is an informative, insightful look at international media as viewed through a gender lens.

  • Chapters

    As a contributor to several books and anthologies, Weldon has written essays about the future of journalism as well as personal explorations, all of it nonfiction work.  

  • Articles/ Journalism

    Whether adding her wry commentary as a magazine columnist, contributing essays, profiles and trend stories for newspapers and websites, or researching academic works, Weldon is a prolific nonfiction storyteller.

  • Multimedia

    This is my Moth Storytelling Debut taped in Chicgao in March 2011 with the theme of “Animals.” My piece is called, “I Lied About the Reindeer.”