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Michele Weldon is available for speaking engagements, keynotes, panels, coaching  and workshops. Her interactive workshops will give you the tools you need to begin a memoir, write publishable essays or nonfiction books. Workshops are held throughout the country through special arrangement for groups of 10-50. She is also available to speak on a number of topics from media and journalism to gender, diversity, fairness, women’s issues, the humanities and popular culture. Customized keynote addresses or workshops from one to three hours are also an option. Click here to see a list of Michele’s past keynote addresses.

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Upcoming Events

“Together We Inspire” Sarah’s Inn Educational Forum

Oak Park Country Club, River Grove

For the annual Educational Breakfast Forum, “Take Action to Create Safer Communities,” benefiting Sarah’s Inn, I will be interviewing and leading a conversation with Natasha Trethewey, two-term U.S. Poet Laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner for her 2006 poetry collection, Native Guard. She is the author of five collections of poetry and a nonfiction book, as well as a Board of Trustees Professor of English at Northwestern University.

Born in Mississippi, her poetry is rooted in history and her latest collection, Monument, focuses on her personal trauma of losing her mother, Gwendolyn, who was murdered by her second ex-husband, Tretheway’s stepfather.

Date: May 29, 2019
Time: 8:00 am
2001 Thatcher Avenue
River Grove

Speech & Lecture Topics

Writing, Media & Journalism

  • A Memoir Is More Than Writing Memories
  • Undercovered Issues in Media Today
  • Social Media Musts: How Twitter and Facebook are Critical Journalistic Tools
  • The Gender Gap in Media Voices
  • Achieving Excellence in Writing and Multimedia Reporting
  • The Architecture of Story
  • The Thread of Narrative in Publishing from Blogs to Books in a Storytelling Culture
  • How Your Media Brand Can Excel
  • Training Executives to Deal with Media
  • How to Interview for Media Content
  • Creating a Portfolio Career as a Writer
  • Why That Now: Multimedia Choices for Content Production
  • You News: The Role of the Individual in Today’s Media
  • Disruptive Change in 21st Century Media and What it Means To You
  • Chasing Audiences to Tell Your Story
  • Writing For Food: Diversifying Your Talents as a Writer
  • The Latest 20 Trends in Media Today

Women’s Issues

  • She is One Of Us: The Pervasiveness of Domestic Violence
  • The Young & The Fearless: Addressing & Preventing Domestic Violence Among Teens
  • Mythbusters: Everything You Need to Know about Domestic Violence Facts
  • The Courage to Tell: How Telling Your Story Empowers Others
  • A World of Good Men: How Mentoring Can Help Stop Domestic Violence
  • The Life After: What Comes Next After Domestic Violence
  • Truth Is An Ally: Living Authentically
  • I Love the Way You Lie: How Popular Culture Distorts Relationships
  • Raising Children Alone: Finding Support in Community and Power in Yourself